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Which Epimediums are Evergreen?

I often hear gardeners say that epimediums are great evergreen groundcovers. The truth is that many of them, including some of the best species and varieties, go dormant in the winter. Here is a list of some evergreen and deciduous plants. Evergreen E. acuminatum E. davidii E. dolichostemon E. epsteinii E. leptorrhizum E. pauciflorum E. […]

Which Sedums are Evergreen?

When choosing sedums, its important to know which ones will stay evergreen all winter, especially if you are using them for a groundcover, or for a green roof. Here is a short list of the species that are evergreen and deciduous. Evergreen Sedums: S. acre S. album S. brevifolium S. dasyphyllum S. divergens S. hispanicum […]

How I Grow Peonies from Seed

The first time I tried to grow peonies from seed was a complete failure. I paid $35 for seven seeds sent from England, and not a single one sprouted. So if you want to be successfull growing peonies from seed, read on…

Species Peonies: The Identity Crisis

When buying species peonies, unless you know what it’s supposed to look like, and are able to see it in mature foliage and flower, you can safely assume you are taking a chance. In my craze to acquire any and all species I encountered at plant sales and speciality nurseries, I’ve bought whatever I’ve found. The results have been fun and interesting, but not exactly accurate.

Recommended Peony Species

Someone taking a first look at peony cultivars and hybrids today could well draw the conclusion that there are only two species of peonies–P. lactiflora and P. officinalis. The rest are barely represented, and often can only be got from exclusive sources. And yet, many are delightful, easy to grow, and long-lived. Yes, they don’t have the flower power and long bloom season. But they boast more interesting and varied foliage, and the blooms, while ephemeral, possess rare, delicate beauty.

A Brief History of Peonies

Plenty has been written about peonies–in fact, people have been writing about peonies since 1000 B.C. So I’m pretty sure I won’t be adding anything new. But here are some facts I find pretty interesting.

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